Five Signs You’re Loving Too Much

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Love is the most sought after primal function of the human condition. It’s sparkly, glittery, beautiful, and amazing at its core. But if these things are all true, how could we possibly love, or even, be loved too much? The popular “too much of a good thing” mantra is true. When you’ve eaten too much…


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Out of sight, out of mind. The statement sounds crass, yet I don’t intend it to be hurtful. Still, the fact remains: we are all “forgettable.” Over time many of our relationships are diminished by the reality of the “out of sight, out of mind” factor. Admittedly, it can be harsh and discouraging. Forgettable Us.…

Sing. Sing. Sing.

Over the years, the Psalms have helped my soul in ways that have surprised and salvaged me. Like a rescue ship to a drowning life in a raging sea, they have lifted my spirits, given me hope, provided deliverance, offered new perspective, and lighted the way when the skies were dark. Not only have I…

Thoughts from the Titanium Digital Rolodex

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Do you have a business relationship plan—a strategy for developing the connections that will help you succeed? The right network can represent significant value for you and your business, because the people in it can provide connections, opportunities, funding, and support. But to build a strong network will require an investment of your time and effort. That’s why I believe you must have a plan for finding and building the relationships that can mean the most for your success, and a system for deepening those relationships over time.