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We are called, we are chosen, we are beloved, we are invited, and each woman holds the sense of duty to live a life of chispa. The word “chispa” when translated from Spanish to English means lively (as a verb) and spark (as a feminine noun), both very essential to ignite passion and fire to our roles, life’s assignments, and seasons.

With an international team and award-winning editor, Chispa Magazine carries a definitive voice to women and advocates the duty to live a life of chispa. Providing daily inspiration and life strategies, Chispa is alive as a vehicle to bring light and consciousness for women of all roles in all seasons. Most importantly, Chispa encourages you to live beautifully and eternally purposeful. Electrifying its readers with in-depth conversations; plans for the mompreneur, working mom, millennial woman, and GenZ woman; appealing visuals that speak volumes to the fashion-paced mindset and the culturally-driven enthusiasts, plus more, Chispa stands far from superficial talks and provides strategies that shape substance.

Mavian Arocha-Rowe
I: @mavianarocharowe

Managing Editors
Maggie Sabatier-Smith
I: @calledtoaction

Kuan-Yin T Timothee
I: @ktt1023

Associate Editor
Milo Senallé

Mia Guerra

Creative Director
Christian Ruben

Director of Sales
Scott Rowe