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Personal Finance Books: The Kind of Reading with Golden Advice

Chispa Magazine-Lisa Taranto Schiffer-Morgan Stanley-Spring Clean Finances

Dealing with personal finances can be difficult for some people, but it is vital that you are able to control your finances effectively. Without this control, your financial situation could nosedive and this can leave you facing huge problems in life. Money does make the world go around, and without it, you will struggle in…

How to Have Some Chill

Chill Time-Chispa Magazine

Some people just can’t help overthinking, wasting nervous energy, or habitually zoning out on life—they have no chill. What if you could just enjoy your life and not freak over every little good or bad thing that unfolds in front of you? What if you were the person everyone looked to as a shining example…

Dear Diary, Hello Readers

Elizabeth Jordan, The Darkness of My Shattered Heart-Chispa Magazine

It’s been said that we’re never given more than we can carry. For Elizabeth Jordan, the weight almost became too much, leading to attempted suicide and alcohol abuse before she was able to make it back from the depths of hell to find a sliver of light. After Jordan lost both a boyfriend and fiancé…

Getting it Done in Five Hours a Day

Stephan Aarstol-Chispa Magazine-Bookworm

Henry Ford had every right to maintain the 10-16 hour workday that was common over 100 years ago, and pocket the financial gains of a new productivity called the “assembly line.” But where other capitalists saw a path to greater profits, Ford had a much grander vision. Ford took a gamble that would change the…

Feeling Convicted, Finding Freedom

Spring Bookworm-Author Cooper-Chispa Magazine

While a mother can be defined as a creator, a nurturer, a protector—at the center of each mother is an individual who is attempting to manage her own fears, desires, and responsibilities in different and sometimes unexpected ways. In Know the Mother, author Desiree Cooper explores the complex archetype of the mother in all of…

Are You Saying Thank You?

Spring Bookworm-Saying Thank You book cover-Chispa Magazine

Does your child suffer from Entitlement Syndrome? Yes, that’s actually a ‘thing’ —Urban Dictionary describes it as, “When you think about what you’re entitled to before you consider anyone else.” Saying Thank You, the new non-fiction children’s book from Monisha Vasa, M.D., demonstrates a loving dialogue between a parent and child. Told through animals indigenous…

Unraveling Curses, Choosing Action

The Sons and Daughters of Ham_Chispa Magazine

Murder and gun violence have been going on in Black and Latino communities for decades. Taking herself from analysis to action, Petra E. Lewis has concluded that two things are driving urban gun violence in African Americans: low self-esteem and economics. The Sons and Daughters of Ham, Book I: A Requiem, is the first book…

Women, He is Serious

Sharif_Chispa Magazine

In Women, Are You Serious, author and life coach Sharif K. Rasheed asks women to question their relationships with both self and others. Rasheed, 28, speaks to Chispa editor-in-chief, Mavian Arocha-Rowe on the purpose of his book, the journey, and more.  He believes happiness starts with awareness and honesty and wants to help women embrace…

Cheers to the Devotion of Love

Chispa Magazine

Intrigued by the Coming Up For Air cover, Chispa Magazine set to find D. Sean and uncover this mysterious yet comical author who loves love and the Lord. Who is this person? What sets them apart? What invites us in and keeps us netted into the world of D. Sean?