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How to Make a Smooth Return to Work After a Lengthy Break

Return to Work After a Lengthy Break-Chispa Magazine

Whether an individual has temporarily left the workplace due to a lengthy illness or to raise a family, returning to the world of work can seem daunting. While some seamlessly reintegrate themselves into their previous positions, the majority of workers return to significant changes or even to a new position altogether, especially if they’ve been…

Attitude… It’s Not Just About You

Maggie Sabatier-Smith, Chispa Magazine, Attitude

While our perspective on life’s circumstances is clearly personal, it also affects others. Our attitude not only influences our actions, it also spills over into the lives of everyone we connect with. It’s contagious—it’s public. The Bible tells us, the Lord offers us fresh new mercies each morning—His love never ceases. God’s promises are there…

Why You Should Set Up Your Own Side Business

Online Shopping-Chispa Magazine

Have you ever dreamed of having financial freedom and the power to control your destiny? Many people wish for a different kind of life, one where they don’t answer to a boss and can pursue their dreams. At one time, you would have had to put all your savings into a project, find investment, and…

Remember Why You Started

Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine

There are times when in the midst of a large group of people, you suddenly know beyond all doubt that God is showing up with a message. My husband and I just returned from a week-long cruise. A much-needed time away—it was a last-minute decision resulting in an unexpected adventure with friends. For this trip,…

Make or Break: How to Ace That All-Important Presentation

Awesome Time Saving Tips For Small Business-Chispa Magazine

Leading a business presentation is nerve-wracking no matter what the topic is or to whom you’re presenting. From working out the mood of the room to making sure that you don’t forget an important piece of information, there seems to be so much to think about. Luckily, there are ways to make sure that you…