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Home Cooking: Five Essential Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

In today’s ‘gig economy,’ starting a home business is becoming increasingly common. Thanks to the explosive popularity of reality cooking shows, more people are experimenting with their cooking and exploring the possibilities of food-based careers. Consequently, home-based food businesses are flourishing. Starting a home food business is not, however, as simple as turning on the…

Friendships That End; Were They Really Friends?

Friendships-Broken-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine

Last week’s article, How do I Move Forward From a Broken Friendship?  generated some interesting discussions with our readers. Pat shares, “Friendships have changed, slowed, distanced, churned. However, I don’t remember one ending. At least not a true friendship.” True friendship, what does that look like? In my own experience the definition of a true…

How Do I Move Forward From a Broken Friendship?

Broken Friendship-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine

We’ve all been there. That moment when you realize there isn’t much more that can be said or done. It’s time to end this relationship. Your sense of loss is overwhelming. Your heart cries out, “What just happened?” You want to talk this out with a friend, but you can’t because that’s the issue. Your…

How to Make a Smooth Return to Work After a Lengthy Break

Return to Work After a Lengthy Break-Chispa Magazine

Whether an individual has temporarily left the workplace due to a lengthy illness or to raise a family, returning to the world of work can seem daunting. While some seamlessly reintegrate themselves into their previous positions, the majority of workers return to significant changes or even to a new position altogether, especially if they’ve been…