These are the years to stand firm on your purpose, embrace life transitions with wisdom, set goals and new direction, if needed, and pour grace and kindness over your relationships and calling.

Become A Professional Accountant Fast With This Guide

Become A Professional Accountant-Chispa Magazine

Would you like to work from home around your existing schedule? Do you fancy keeping the lion’s share of all profits made? If so, you’re going to love this article. Today, we’re going to present you with a fast track method of becoming an accountant quickly. Look for intensive online courses. If you head off to university,…

Three Ways You Can Make Money In The Property Sector

Ways You Can Make Money In The Property Sector-Chispa Magazine

Do you have lots of money at hand? Perhaps you’re newly retired or just looking for a sound way of investing your savings. Why not turn to the property market and begin to grow some extra cash today? Here are three ways you can make money through properties: Flipping Flipping a property refers to buying a…

Enjoy the Ride, Right Now

It’s finally Friday night, the beginning of a weekend of freedom, which also happens to include your birthday. Your family, friends, and spouse all have celebratory plans for you. You have a rewarding career and a network of beautiful people who want to rejoice in your life. As you walk out to your car to…

Defining Unstoppable

Unstoppabl Coach Maggie_Chispa Magazine

As one of the many stories shared within If I Could Share One Thing About Becoming Unstoppable, published by The Tapestry Network, Maggie Sabatier-Smith shares her view of faith versus everyday living. Treadmill Faith takes me through, under, over, and around the obstacles that rise up to try to silence my voice; my purpose. How…

Afraid of Social Media?

I talk to a lot of business owners and authors who don’t “get” social media. A year or two ago when I spoke with them, most were quick to say they didn’t understand it and didn’t need to. Today what I hear is: “I know I’m supposed to be doing that, so I have a Facebook…

Always Best Care Provides Insight on Aging

Always Best Care Provides Insight on Aging, Chispa Magazine

In support of family caregivers nationwide and National Family Caregiver Month in November, Always Best Care Senior Services Chief Executive Officer Michael Newman is providing Chispa the best advice for helping families identify the need for increased care for their loved ones at home. Founded in 1996, Always Best Care began franchising in 2007 and…

Five Latinas Over 50 Making Strides

Carolina Herrera | Chispa Magazine

Being 50 and over doesn’t mean your life is over. There are many Latinas over 50 that continue to make a great impact on their communities and throughout the nation. Carolina Herrera, 74 Venezuelan fashion-designer, Carolina Herrera, has definitely made a name for herself in the past decades. Herrera has dressed everyone from Jackie O to…

Classic + Savvy

Chispa Magazine

Classic car aficionado David Rosell, CEO of Rosell Wealth Management and author of Failure is NOT an Option, says pre-retirees can learn a lot from their beloved old cars about financial planning for a secure retirement.