These are the years to stand firm on your purpose, embrace life transitions with wisdom, set goals and new direction, if needed, and pour grace and kindness over your relationships and calling.

Attitude… It’s Not Just About You

Maggie Sabatier-Smith, Chispa Magazine, Attitude

While our perspective on life’s circumstances is clearly personal, it also affects others. Our attitude not only influences our actions, it also spills over into the lives of everyone we connect with. It’s contagious—it’s public. The Bible tells us, the Lord offers us fresh new mercies each morning—His love never ceases. God’s promises are there…

Remember Why You Started

Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine

There are times when in the midst of a large group of people, you suddenly know beyond all doubt that God is showing up with a message. My husband and I just returned from a week-long cruise. A much-needed time away—it was a last-minute decision resulting in an unexpected adventure with friends. For this trip,…

Back to You Time; Why Not?

Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine-Back to School

Perspective: Yes, it’s back to school time! Oh no, it’s back to school time! Isn’t that the truth? No sooner do we celebrate the beginning of this new season when we are suddenly reminded of what back-to-school entails. Summer vacations are over, and we pick up the pace as we embrace the busyness of the…

Do You Want to Be Well? Habits vs Addictions

Be Well-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-SENIORita-Chispa Magazine

Create the habits that support your best life possible. Of course, that’s what we all want. As a coach, I invite my clients to take inventory of their habits—a treasure hunt that reveals best practices, as well as those that sabotage their success. While on the surface this may appear to be a simple weeding-out…

Mother’s Day… So Much More

Mother's Day-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine 4

             Mother’s Day typically surfaces a longing to return to the child in me—the one that seeks protection, comfort, encouragement, hugs that last forever, muchos besitos, and the one that dreams of a future filled with playful adventures. I’m still that little girl. You would think that after a lifetime of…

Eyes of Wonder… Put on a New Set of Eyes

Eyes of Wonder-Maggie Sabatier Smith-Chispa Magazine

SENIORitas, have been there and done that. We have experienced life’s joys, sorrows, challenges and absolutely get it, “…there is nothing new under the sun,” says Ecclesiastes 1:9. Our family traditions fill our calendars and we look forward to the familiar. With an eye toward legacy we encourage (sometimes not so gently) our children and grandchildren…