Small Hacks to Reorganize Your Life + Boost Your Productivity

Organize-Chispa MagazineThe first few weeks of a new year is a great time to be inspired to change your life. Whether that means making resolutions about eating better and exercising more or spending more time treating yourself, there are lots of ways to improve your life. For many people, this means focusing on their productivity.

It’s all too easy to get lazy and not meet deadlines or procrastinate. When you’re unorganized, you can be late on work without even meaning to be. Put a stop to that this year by checking out some easy tips to get more organized. Once you have everything neatly put away and ready to go, your productivity will skyrocket. By just trying a few new ideas, you’ll never have to add organization to your New Year’s resolution list ever again.

1. Invest in a Labeler
You may feel dorky while you’re in the checkout line, but buying yourself a labeler makes life so much easier. Not only can you label those endless plastic containers in your basement or attic, but you can also name files and folders in your office. You’ll be able to quickly locate anything you might need on a project, whether you’re working on paperwork or pulling holiday decorations out for the new season.

2. Learn How to Delegate
To delegate tasks means to put them in order based on importance, due date and project size. People who are multi-taskers find this easy, but others may not. Take a minute to learn how to delegate so you not only know how to organize tasks for yourself, but for others too. Taking on a leadership role in your workplace could help launch your career, all because you wanted to get more organized.

3. Use a Whiteboard
It may not seem like it, but buying a whiteboard can help you not only get organized and productive, but also stay that way. You’ll find that having a visual, colorful to-do list somewhere obvious in your living space—like a bedroom or living room wall—helps to keep you from forgetting your tasks. Whiteboards have been proven to triple your productivity, so get one and try it out for yourself to see if it can make a difference in your life.

4. Have a Purge Day
Spring cleaning doesn’t have to happen just once a year! Whether you’re more focused on organizing your work space or living space, having a day to just clean things out will improve how you’re able to mentally keep track of everything. You’ll make room for your new organizational processes and your mind will more easily get used to doing things a new way.

5. Do What the Pros Do
If all else fails, the best thing you can do is get advice from people who are already good at what you’re trying to accomplish. This means you can chat it up with someone in your life who you admire for their organization or how much they get done. You can also read up on some tips from the pros if you don’t have anyone to talk to. No matter how you get your advice, people who know what they’re doing will be able to help you turn your new efforts into a lifestyle.

You don’t have to spend years working away to increase your productivity. In fact, there’s no wait time at all if you attempt to organize the areas of your life that are cluttered. This means doing things like cleaning out your desk, labeling what you have and taking advice from people who excel at being productive. Once you get in the habit of being organized, you’ll watch your productivity rise while your stress falls away.

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Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston

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