Cherilynn Veland

Cherilynn Veland is a practicing psychotherapist and social worker in the Chicago area, and author of "Stop Giving It Away: How to Stop Self-Sacrificing and Start Claiming Your Space, Power, and Happiness." She has worked extensively in psychiatric settings, child welfare agencies, domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse treatment programs, and has consulted for corporate and employee assistance programs in the area of Chicago.

Are You Too Nice? 13 Questions To Ask Yourself Now

Are You Too Nice_Chispa Magazine

As a Chicago-based psychotherapist and social worker, I’ve had the opportunity to counsel many women who self-sacrifice too much. These women are kind, nice, loving people, who unknowingly sacrifice important parts of themselves for the benefit of others, and usually to their own detriment. Women—quite naturally, and most times without even noticing it—frequently give up…