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The Truth Without Love

The Truth With Love-Ashley Trammel-Chispa Magazine

Last week, we talked about the idea of speaking love without truth and how, through Jesus’ example, we are free to be both fully, not the balance of each. We recognized that love has to be accompanied by truth to be truly loving. This week, I want us to explore how truth has to be…

Light Therapy for All

Light Therapy-Kuan-Yin Timothee-Chispa Magazine

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is commonly known to happen in Alaska where there are long periods of darkness. Many people experience SAD during the winter months (due to the weather’s darker periods) or during seasonal holidays. The symptoms include fatigue, depression, hopelessness, and social withdrawal. And, the most effective therapy is: LIGHT therapy. In Matthew…

Home Cooking: Five Essential Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

In today’s ‘gig economy,’ starting a home business is becoming increasingly common. Thanks to the explosive popularity of reality cooking shows, more people are experimenting with their cooking and exploring the possibilities of food-based careers. Consequently, home-based food businesses are flourishing. Starting a home food business is not, however, as simple as turning on the…

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Bathtime for Your Conscience

Bathtime for Your Conscience-Mavian Arocha-Rowe-Chispa Magazine

Ask yourself: Is your conscience clear? Whether it’s a fall-out with a friend, a lie you’ve been caught with yet blame the other for their questioning, or bitterness inside is seeping through your pores and rather than “deal” with its root cause, you continue to fake it.  Seeking Him says, “If we have wronged another,…

Love Without Truth Isn’t Loving at All

Love WIthout Truth-Chispa Magazine

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re walking on a road and you see a friend driving. They pull over for some small talk, a quick catch-up, and then they’re on their way. Now, you know that the road is closed ahead; the bridge has collapsed and they will head right into a ravine…

Which Goes First? Push or Pull?

Push or Pull-Kuan-Yin Timothee-Chispa Magazine-KuanYin Friday

Push and pull are opposite actions. However, in order to move forward some times we have to do both. There is no one way to accomplish a task: Losing weight, it involves exercise, dieting or intermittent fasting at times; having a baby is possible through natural birth, adoption or in vitro; building a house requires…