Strategies That Shape Substance

Five Steps to a More Professional You

More Professional You-Chispa Magazine

When you run your own startup business, it is vital to ensure you remain as professional as possible. There are so many things you can do that will help you to become more professional in the world of business, and this is so useful. By projecting a more positive image you create more opportunities for…

How to Let Go of the Burdens (and Watch Your Life Transform)

Letting Go of Burdens-Chispa Magazine

During our lives, we are attached to people and things. While habits are something humans can change or work on eliminating, an attachment is a normal behavior since, after all, we are a social species. However, they are not necessarily good for us sometimes and that can be something that heavily burdens your life. This…

Healthy Office Habits That Really Work

Healthy Office Habits That Really Work-Chispa Magazine

When it’s sunny outside, the last thing you want is to be tied to a desk in your office. Unfortunately, we all have to get our work done. Besides, you enjoy your career and being indoors is definitely better when it’s raining or cold. Office work isn’t necessarily the best choice if you want to…

Looking For A Creative Conversion? We’ve Got You Covered

Creativity-Chispa Magazine

It doesn’t matter how certain you were of your professional choices at the beginning of your career. As a rule of the thumb, most people switch career on average five times during their professional life. Consequently, finding yourself in a position where you might want to walk away from your current career to try something…

The Best Financial Advice is Often About the Fundamentals

Best Financial Advice-Chispa Magazine

Having been in the wealth management business for three decades now, friends and clients often ask me what is the best financial advice I have to offer. Through the years, I’ve determined that the “best” advice may sound simple, but it truly can help  increase your chance of achieving financial security. Attaining mastery in any task…

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Mother’s Day… So Much More

Mother's Day-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine 4

             Mother’s Day typically surfaces a longing to return to the child in me—the one that seeks protection, comfort, encouragement, hugs that last forever, muchos besitos, and the one that dreams of a future filled with playful adventures. I’m still that little girl. You would think that after a lifetime of…