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Natural Disasters and Your Money: How to Prepare

Hurricane Florence-Chispa Magazine

Natural disasters like Hurricane Florence take a tragic toll on people, property and finances. Although a significant amount of unpredictability can accompany a serious weather event, a little bit of financial preparation goes a long way toward getting your life back on track after the storm and preventing further damage to your bank account and…

Budget Your Way Toward the Lifestyle You Desire

Budget Your Way Toward the Lifestyle You Desire-Chispa Magazine

Working hard to earn a living, or achieve and maintain a certain lifestyle, can leave you running in circles if you don’t have an effective financial plan. That’s because hard work is only half the equation. But that effort, combined with a solid plan, can lead to success on many levels. The idea of putting…

Self-Care for Buying Your First Home

Home Ownership-Chispa Magazine

According to the 2017 National Association of REALTORS® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 34 percent of home buyers were first-time buyers and the median household income for first time buyers was $75,000. It also found, 53 percent of all home buyers undertook a home improvement project within three months of purchasing their home and…

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Attitude… It’s Not Just About You

Maggie Sabatier-Smith, Chispa Magazine, Attitude

While our perspective on life’s circumstances is clearly personal, it also affects others. Our attitude not only influences our actions, it also spills over into the lives of everyone we connect with. It’s contagious—it’s public. The Bible tells us, the Lord offers us fresh new mercies each morning—His love never ceases. God’s promises are there…

Healthy Ways to Handle the Stress of Being an Entrepreneur

Anti-Stress-Chispa Magazine

Starting your own business can be an exciting time but also a stressful time. Creating healthy habits from the first moment that you take on this new endeavor will ensure that you practice self-care to avoid burnout. There are many different factors that influence your body’s ability to handle stress that, if out of balance,…

Tips for Moving into a New Home

Tips for Moving into a New Home-Chispa Magazine

Moving into a new property is one of life’s great exciting shifts, bringing with you the treasures you’ve accumulated over the years to a place where you’ll create new happy memories. It’s also a stressful process: you’ll have a lot to organize and plenty of work to do in order to get your new home…