Romina Nabhen

Bilingual influencer, spokesperson, panelist, and on-air personality, Romina Nabhen is internationally recognized as a Lifestyle, Fashion and Beauty Expert. She has over 20 years of experience on television, print, radio, online media, and the corporate world, Nabhen is an asset for all lifestyle, fashion, and beauty-related events. Plus, when it comes to encouraging young girls and teens, she speaks from the heart and her message compels all with her Unique Me approach.

Update Your Home With The Hottest Trends In Neutral Decor

Maintaining Wooden Floors-Here's What To Do-Chispa Magazine

When it comes to indulging in a bit of home decor, many of us do truly go all-out. Colorful rugs, eye-popping pieces of artwork and patterned fabrics all mixed together create a funky, bohemian look. But what if all that color is—well—a bit too much for you? You’re not alone. For every person whose love…

Inspired Ideas To Give Your Home That Chic Look

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We can all be a little house proud at times, some more so than others. But we all have varying tastes, making our design choices different from others. You might struggle to keep your home looking showhome worthy. Or, you may have that ability to style your home uniquely. I think many of us want a…

The Benefits Of Hiring an Interior Designer

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Having a home that you love and enjoy spending time in is important. It’s your base, your retreat from the world, a space to relax in and be restored so you’re ready for whatever life throws at you. If your home is looking drab and uninspiring, why not consider giving it a refresh? If you’re…

Why Keeping Your Workplace Clean Is Crucial To Your Success

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Keeping the workplace clean is basic hygiene, but that isn’t all. Keeping your workplace or the area you work in clean could actually be crucial to your success. Whether you’re the boss or an employee, keeping things clean and tidy is hugely beneficial to you and everybody around you. Think it won’t really make much…