Maggie Sabatier-Smith

Passionate about living a life that matters and honoring God is what speaker, life coach, and author, Maggie Sabatier-Smith is known for. Her mission for herself and others is: You Matter. God said so. Do something about it! Which is why her famed tagline is so appropriate: #HelpingYouBeYou. Uniquely qualified, she has lived her own transformation story multiple times—often referring to herself as the Queen of Do-Overs. Cuban born, NYC raised, Maggie knows how to navigate through life changes. Coach Maggie believes in second chances not only for the pets she and her cowboy have rescued over the years, but also for men and women in transition. Active in prison ministry for more than fifteen years, Maggie is a dedicated mentor and teacher. Empty nesters, she and her husband, Paul, live in Central Florida.

Defining Unstoppable

Unstoppabl Coach Maggie_Chispa Magazine

As one of the many stories shared within If I Could Share One Thing About Becoming Unstoppable, published by The Tapestry Network, Maggie Sabatier-Smith shares her view of faith versus everyday living. Treadmill Faith takes me through, under, over, and around the obstacles that rise up to try to silence my voice; my purpose. How…