Best Strategies for Achieving an Optimal Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance-Chispa MagazineIn today’s busy world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a proper work to life balance. For many people, a job is becoming much more than a source of sustenance. It leaves very little for other activities, social life and proper relaxation.

While it may be difficult, finding a good work to life balance is imperative in a number of ways. For a start, it’s one of the keys to being healthy and happy. In addition, a good balance could boost workplace productivity and contribute to career advancements.

If you don’t know how to strike this delicate balance, you may want to give the following strategies a try. Making an adjustment could seem very hard in the beginning but you’ll soon find out that the changes are helping you accomplish a lot.

Leave the Office at the Same Time Every Single Day
Are you a busy professional who tends to leave the office in the middle of the night? You may think that the approach is helping you accomplish a whole lot more but this isn’t the case. Staying late and focusing excessively on the task at hand will make it almost impossible for you to come up with a creative solution.

Your brain needs some downtime in order to do its job properly. Critical thinking becomes nearly impossible if you’re focusing on one and the same thing all of the time.

This is the main reason why you have to get in the habit of leaving the office at the exact same time every single day. This doesn’t mean bringing homework to your house. It means forgetting about work until the next morning.

Such a clear line of distinction between your personal and your professional life will result in quality relaxation. Taking some time away from your work will actually boost your productivity and increase your capability of handling challenging tasks in a much shorter period of time than ever before.

Make Some Time for Yourself on a Daily Basis
Do you have a family and young kids that are relying on you? If so, you know that me-time is a nearly non-existent concept.

People like you tend to leave the office and get involved in family issues right away. While in this instance they’re having a better work-life balance than a career-oriented individual, they’re not finding the time to unplug.

You need a little bit of me-time on a daily basis. If you don’t make some time for yourself, you’ll probably go to bed feeling exhausted every single time.

Let your partner take care of the kids for an hour or two on a daily basis. Use this time to do something you enjoy. It can be painting, watching a favorite TV show or enjoying a long bath. Choose one activity that makes you happy and that you can’t indulge yourself in while taking care of family issues.

Take Work Breaks
There are two very important things you have to do at the office – stop wasting time and schedule regular breaks.

Deal with distractions if you want to boost your productivity. You may want to block the website and social media that lead to wasting time. Put your phone away and focus on the project that you’re currently working on. Many people have to stay late because they’re distracted and they simply can’t finish a task within the allocated time frame.

While dealing with distractions is very important, it’s also imperative to take regular short breaks from work.

Regular breaks for 10 to 15 minutes allow your mind to slow down. Work for an hour or two and have a quick break after. You can go for a chat with colleagues, enjoy a snack or simply leave the office for a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine.

The premise here is similar to leaving work at the exact same hour every day. Short breaks help you relax and they improve your focus. Chances are that such a routine will lead to massive productivity enhancements.

Make Time for Exercise
Working out isn’t just about maintaining a lean physique and loving your body. It plays a crucial role in being healthy and dealing with the chronic stress that many professionals are exposed to.

Only 20 to 30 minutes of exercise per day will be sufficient to experience the benefits. Chances are that you can find this much time for a quick exercise session.

Some people like to exercise in the morning before heading to the office. They find such a morning workout session to be particularly beneficial in terms of improving mental focus and clarity. Others exercise in the end of the day. Working out gives them a chance to unwind and deal with the workplace stress.

Choose a physical activity that you enjoy–it can be yoga or it can be kickboxing. Be consistent and you’ll soon find yourself much more capable of handling stress and enjoying every aspect of your life.

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