The many hats of being a mom and a mompreneur can be stressful, but no worries here you can refuel your energy and become resilient in the face of adversity.

Martha, Mary, and The Everyday Choices

Martha, Mary, and My Everyday Choices_Chispa Magazine

We’ve all heard some pretty convictions on the story found in Luke 10:38-42 about Jesus visiting the home of His friends Martha and Mary. Typically, we readily identify with Martha, who sprang into action to make preparations for Jesus and His group. Her eager service turned to stress, then downgraded to a demanding spirit toward others.…

A Roadmap to Helping Female-Owned Small Businesses Flourish

Roadmap_Chispa Magazine

Women-owned small businesses are one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy, according to the National Women’s Business Council. Yet, just like any other business, women business owners’ successes don’t come without challenges. From staffing to business development to communicating with customers to simply getting it all done, there are many factors that affect…

10 Strategies To Stop Procrastinating

It all begins with action Resolve to get started or just take a step. Motivation gets you started but habits keep you going Identify the one or two habits that are in your way and try to replace them with something more productive. If your habit is to check your email when you come home…