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Fine. I’m Just Fine.

Fine-Maggie Sabatier-Smith-Chispa Magazine

Are you living a “fine” life? Yesterday in church, this happened multiple times… “How are you doing?”  Me: “I’m fine.” A couple of folks dug deeper and asked, “Really?” Me: “Yes really—I’m fine.” “What’s wrong with being fine?” you might ask. Fine is certainly better than messy or challenging or disappointing. True, but I wonder…

Which Goes First? Push or Pull?

Push or Pull-Kuan-Yin Timothee-Chispa Magazine-KuanYin Friday

Push and pull are opposite actions. However, in order to move forward some times we have to do both. There is no one way to accomplish a task: Losing weight, it involves exercise, dieting or intermittent fasting at times; having a baby is possible through natural birth, adoption or in vitro; building a house requires…

I Was Called a Racist

called racist-ashley trammel-chispa magazine

Yes, I was called a racist. It cut me to my core to be called that. She called me a homophobe as well. I cried my eyes out. It hurt me profoundly. To be fair, this girl doesn’t really know me. We did know each other not too long ago. In fact, she is family.…

How To Get Organized In February

Get Organized-Chispa Magazine

February is still a time of new beginnings, and it makes sense that as the new year rolls around, you will want to get more organized and plan the next 11 months as best you can. There will always be surprises and events that don’t fit your plans, but if you are otherwise organized, you…