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The Magical Winter in Japan

ONSEN-Japan-Chispa Magazine

Japan is a place that’s visited throughout the year—mostly, though, it seems that the three seasons are the times when it experiences the most significant influx of tourists. Everyone knows about the famous cherry blossom in spring; in the summer, you can enjoy the sun and lush green landscapes, and even autumn is well-known for…

Here’s Why You Should Choose a Second-Hand Engagement Ring

Second-Hand Engagement Ring-Chispa Magazine

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples may be thinking about getting married. But with the average engagement ring costing somewhere between $5,000 to a whopping $350,000, the cost of the ring alone can be a considerable expense for couples handling debt or saving for the future. But, just because these numbers look huge,…

Aging Problems that Should Not be Ignored

Aging Problems-Health-Chispa Magazine

While aging is something that cannot be stopped, it is an inevitable cycle that defines the beauty of life and justifies the fact that nothing is permanent. It can be similarly compared with a flower, which on its peak blossoms, gives back to the world and eventually lays to rest after it collapses or leaves…

Five Best Idaho Destinations To Visit This Winter

Idaho-Vacation-Chispa Magazine

While you may want to escape the cold weather and head to the tropics come winter, there are plenty of destinations worth experiencing in the snow. One such vacation hot spot is Idaho, home to a wide range of outdoor, snow-centric activities. With multiple locations for skiing and snowboarding and some truly unique attractions, you’re…

Three New Year Ready Hairstyles

True Glory Hair-Chispa Magazine

African American hair can be notoriously difficult to style, but with the right treatment and tools, you can rock some awesome hairstyles perfect for starting the new year with a gorgeous new look. Here are three great hairstyles to try out this year that don’t require a lot of skill to pull off:  Long and…

How to Choose the Right Lingerie for Yourself: Things to Know

Wedding Lingerie-Chispa Magazine

Is your wedding right around the corner? Are you looking for the best lingerie to suit your dresses? Well, these are some of the most common questions that would cross your mind when you are planning to look just nothing less than perfect on your big day. The excitement and anxiety are understandable since your…