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Regardless of what your preference on fashion, style helps define a person and will constantly be reinvented.

Wanna Be A ro•sham•bo baby?

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Most parents say that sunscreen is a must for their kids when it comes to playing outdoors; but did you know that sunglasses are just as important? Pediatric optometrists are warning that lifetime UV damage starts in early childhood, with retinal damage from the sun having its greatest impact in kids less than 10 years old.…

ASOS for All

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Priced under $400, whether for the bride or bridesmaids, ASOS beautiful collection features a dress for every girl and every venue. The Capsule Collection looks back to the 30s inspired slip dresses in an array of pearly tones in satin fabrics. Structure creates a demure vision in tulle and puddle train skirts are paired with…

Six Tips for Men on How to Travel in Style

Six Tips for Men on How to Travel in Style-Chispa Magazine

Some men love to travel and enhance their life experiences, while others simply dread being on the run at all times—especially if their job requires them to use planes, trains or cars more than they use their office at work. It is true that some flights make you feel like you haven’t slept in weeks…

It’s Shoshanna Lee by Sandee Zahn

Founded in 2010 by California native and current Chicago resident Sandee Zahn, Shoshanna Lee Jewelry is making its mark on the fashion scene.  And, has already developed a deep celebrity client base, was featured in a TV series, and continues to secure accounts at select boutiques across the country and internationally. Shoshanna Lee’s designs contrast…

Hello Gorgeous! ¡Hola Preciosa!


Fashion designer Nkem Olanrewaju’s Chic At Heart collection recognizes and accentuates the body shape of women.  The modern styling and clean tailoring offer a fresh alternative to conventional offerings. According to Olanrewaju, “Our slogan at Chic At Heart is to celebrate curves, providing plus-size women with great style and comfort that enhances their shape.”  All available at

It’s Time: End It

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Joining forces with Norma Ishak, the world of fashion meets purpose, and we say: It’s time to END IT. Today we let the world know that slavery still exists and we won’t stand for it. Our Red X on our hands is our way of shining a light on the 27,000,000 people trapped in slavery around…