Mia Guerra

Executive Editor at Chispa Magazine, Mia Guerra is a writer at heart. Regardless the topic, she loves to investigate, encourage, and ruminate on topics that can make us better people. Aiming to live a Proverbs 31 life, Mia is ecstatic to be following her calling with Chispa. At home she is her husband's sidekick and together they are raising a God-fearing family in Atlanta.

What Are The Best Secrets To An Amazing Military Marriage?

Military Marriage_Chispa Magazine

When you dreamt of finding your prince charming, you probably didn’t imagine him to be a military man. You probably never pictured yourself as the military wife, sitting at home awaiting your husband’s return. But love has its humor… It might not be the life you dreamed of, but there are many perks to being…

Five Career Steps For Ambitious Women

Ambitious Women_Chispa Magazine

As much as we hate to say it, the working world is still very different for women and men. Inequality in pay and senior roles are still evident in the statistics. But the good news is that things are getting better, albeit slowly. A lot more women hold managerial and executive positions than in the…

Picking the Right Dress for Any Size

Dress for Any Size_Chispa Magazine

Not everybody has the “ideal body”—if such a thing even exists, but the ideal dress can be found for every woman, no matter what their body shape. With some smart shopping before prom night, you can pull off an eye-catching look while still feeling comfortable, whether you’re petite, curvy, or tall. Here are some tips…

Three Careers We Should Encourage More Women To Do

Women Careers_Chispa Magazine

Although great strides have been made toward gender equality in the workplace over recent years, there are still certain areas that need to improve. Women are underrepresented in many different fields of employment, but these three are some of the worst culprits. But why? What reasons are there that hold so many women back from…

Seven Leadership Lessons We Learned From Mom

Mother's Day_Chispa Magazine - Home Page

In honor of Mother’s Day 2015 (ahem, it’s coming up… this Sunday), we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge the fact that moms are some of the best leaders around. They’ve been in charge of multi-faceted operations as long as humans have roamed the earth: making sure the family all gets along, keeping folks…

Top 4 Mistakes You Can Make at Your Next Exhibition

Exhibits_Chispa Magazine_Zak Suhar_Slider

Going on a worldwide tour with your exhibit? As mompreneurs and business-driven individuals, the big goal for just about anyone setting up at an exhibit is to make sure they are noticed and remembered—but being noticed and remembered for the wrong thing can be worse than not turning up at all. Here are four things…