Mia Guerra

Executive Editor at Chispa Magazine, Mia Guerra is a writer at heart. Regardless the topic, she loves to investigate, encourage, and ruminate on topics that can make us better people. Aiming to live a Proverbs 31 life, Mia is ecstatic to be following her calling with Chispa. At home she is her husband's sidekick and together they are raising a God-fearing family in Atlanta.

Five Things To Care Of While Vacating Your Home

House-Chispa Magazine

Moving out can be overwhelming and sometimes stressful too. There’s so much to do in so little time that you often miss out on important things, which leads to regrets, frustration and whatnot. However, you can avoid all this by putting things in order and strike each one off the list one after another. When…

Ideas for Contributing to an Eco-Friendly Environment

Enviornment-Chispa Magazine

Whether you know much about the green movement or not, it’s likely that in the past couple of years you’ve come across some kind of environmentally friendly lingo or have had options for eco-friendlier practices presented in the workplace, at home or while you’re consuming. This is because preserving the environment is something that is…

Five Ways To Avoid An Accident At Work

Avoid Accidents at Work-Chispa Magazine

Unfortunately, accidents in the workplace do happen but the good news is that they can often also be avoided. It’s important to put your safety in your own hands and take precautions that are going to help you dodge any unwanted situations. It’s in your best interest as an employee to learn ways for how…

Here’s Why You Should Choose a Second-Hand Engagement Ring

Second-Hand Engagement Ring-Chispa Magazine

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples may be thinking about getting married. But with the average engagement ring costing somewhere between $5,000 to a whopping $350,000, the cost of the ring alone can be a considerable expense for couples handling debt or saving for the future. But, just because these numbers look huge,…

Five Best Idaho Destinations To Visit This Winter

Idaho-Vacation-Chispa Magazine

While you may want to escape the cold weather and head to the tropics come winter, there are plenty of destinations worth experiencing in the snow. One such vacation hot spot is Idaho, home to a wide range of outdoor, snow-centric activities. With multiple locations for skiing and snowboarding and some truly unique attractions, you’re…