Mavian Arocha-Rowe

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is known as an asset to the business and communications industry and is motivating and advocating “your authenticity should be your strategy,” for all women, regardless of their season and roles. For the past 20 years she has directed magazines, plus multiple art and marketing departments as creative director and brand manager. What supersedes all of her great career moves is her role as wife and mother living in Atlanta. Challenging herself to discover and bravely pursue the calling for her life, Arocha-Rowe helps other women discover and pursue their life’s assignment. She is a passionate, and loud-laughing speaker on the topic of purposefully redeemed, and mentors young women so they can exercise a mind that is doctrinally pure, along with a heart that beats toward sanctification. She will almost never turn down Marlow’s Tavern double-tavern cheeseburger, a cooking-demonstration from Leaning Ladder, or any opportunity to head to Miami to spend time with family.

Why Travel Is No Longer The Domain Of The Rich

Travel Adventure-Food-Chispa Magazine

If you’ve longed to follow in the footsteps of your friends and embark on a travel adventure halfway around the world, only to find money worries stopping you from taking the plunge, you need to reconsider your options. Financial issues shouldn’t prevent you from getting out there and seeing the world. Although having a good…

Lily Temperley Has Chispa


Lily Temperley: Widow Without Shame, Geographically Displaced Daughter, Sister + Aunt, Former Corporate Ladder Climber, Partner, Lover + Baby-Incubator, Fashion Addict, Travel Junkie, Writer + Dreamer.  Looking back, life is full of lessons and trials. If I think of defining moments there are many, both positive and negative, the duality being essential for growth. However, there is…

Five Reasons Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter, Best Medicine-Chispa Magazine

Studies have found that laughter has many healing properties, and the best bit; it’s contagious. Whether you’re laughing at a funny movie you are watching or book you’re reading, giggling at your pet’s funny antics, or engaging in some light-hearted conversation with friends or relatives, you’ll know that a good laugh can lift your spirits…

Tea Tree In Our Hair

Chispa Magazine-Maple Holistics Hair

Knowing that Maple Holistics’ promise is to promote healthy hair growth with a natural, holistic approach brought a smile to our faces. In for the challenge, those in our office who were shedding and receiving the impact of thinning hair were first in line for the trial of their Natural Tea Tree Oil Shampoo. Freshness in…

Six Ways to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

Companies Reputation_Chispa Magazine

When it comes to growing a business, reputation is everything. Word of mouth marketing is exceptionally powerful but quite tricky to achieve. We’ve all heard the theory that if a customer in a restaurant enjoys a meal, they tell no one, yet if the meal or service is terrible, they tell five of their friends.…

Erica Basora Campbell Has Chispa


Erica Basora Campbell:  Wife, Mother to Jolyn + Ava, and RN BSN. What have you overcome? Identifying with the words “I am a Christian,” the expectation is you will never face trails or hardships. Once you declare that Jesus is your Lord and Savior your supposed to live the good life, maybe even an easy life, a…