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Budget Your Way Toward the Lifestyle You Desire

Budget Your Way Toward the Lifestyle You Desire-Chispa Magazine

Working hard to earn a living, or achieve and maintain a certain lifestyle, can leave you running in circles if you don’t have an effective financial plan. That’s because hard work is only half the equation. But that effort, combined with a solid plan, can lead to success on many levels. The idea of putting…

Four Financial Fears and How to Overcome Them

Lisa Taranto Schiffer-Chispa Magazine

When Friday the 13th rolls around, as it did recently, I get to thinking about some of our everyday fears, particularly our financial fears. In my role as a financial advisor, I take the time to understand not only my clients’ hopes, dreams and future plans, but also their fears. A recent study showed that…

The Best Financial Advice is Often About the Fundamentals

Best Financial Advice-Chispa Magazine

Having been in the wealth management business for three decades now, friends and clients often ask me what is the best financial advice I have to offer. Through the years, I’ve determined that the “best” advice may sound simple, but it truly can help  increase your chance of achieving financial security. Attaining mastery in any task…

Mastering the Art of Saving

Savings-Lisa Taranto Schiffer-Chispa Magazine

Saving money is about more than putting aside funds for a rainy day, or for retirement at some point down the road. Rather, it’s a way of thinking and living that can help finance your dreams, enable you to reach short- and long-term life goals, and provide financial freedom. A well-thought-out financial plan that includes…

Express Your Love Through Financial Planning

Financial Planning-Chispa Magazine

February is all about love, and usually the romantic kind. Yet, there are numerous ways to express love and many people to share it with. This year, consider approaching love from a different angle. A practical, action-oriented way to love yourself and the ones you care most about is to ensure your financial wellness, and…

Why Finding The Right Mentor Can Boost Your Success

National Mentoring Month-Chispa Magazine

Mentors can be incredibly important to our lives for many reasons. They are sounding boards and champions for our success. They are people to learn from and share with, and can become some of the most important relationships in our lives. This past summer, I helped plan a successful Atlanta women’s event that left me…