Kate Harveston

Kate Harveston is an online journalist from Pennsylvania. She enjoys writing about women's issues, career advice, and sociopolitical change. If you enjoy her writing, you can visit her at OnlySlightlyBiased.com.

Innovative Ways to Make Money in the Modern Age

Budget-Debt-Stephanie Bates-Chispa Magazine

Whether you’re tired of running the rat race or you simply want a little side hustle to get ahead, you should know that some truly unique and innovative ways to make money do exist. About 44 million Americans report having a side hustle of some sort, particularly those from the millennial generation. And many of…

Tips and Hacks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Tips and Hacks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer-Chispa Magazine

“You break it, you buy it,” used to be the way of things in retail, but a twist on the adage for shoppers often goes something more like “You buy it, it breaks,” especially when it comes to clothes. Thinner material, faux pockets, not-so-sticky bedazzlements and more delicate, strappy pieces pose interesting challenges to maintaining…

Six Do’s and Don’ts of the Networking Game

Good Posture-Chispa Magazine

Among some professionals, networking doesn’t always get the best reputation. That’s because we make the mistake of thinking of it as a selfish form of communication. Networkers want to meet more people and make contacts they can use to their advantage—therefore, it’s easy to assume none of their interactions are genuine. But, networking isn’t all…

The Importance of Making Your Home Your Own

Declutter Home-Chispa Magazine

Everyone needs a place to store their stuff, raise their families and stay safe from the natural elements. However, having shelter is not the same as having a home, which can and should be an expression of who you are and a place to go to get a much-needed break from your stressors. Your home…

Eight Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Improve Your Communication-Chispa Magazine

Strong communication skills are important for anyone and should continuously be improved upon when possible. Not only are such skills critical to a successful career, but they’re also a vital life skill that can strongly affect your relationships with your friends, family members and co-workers. Hone your communication skills to get the most out of…

Five Side Hustles to Make Some Extra Dough

Five Side Hustles to Make Some Extra Dough-Chispa Magazine

Perhaps you already have a primary source of income, but it’s not quite enough to cover all your expenses. Or, maybe, you need a little bit of extra cash before your next vacation, for a big purchase or to pay down your student loans more quickly. No matter your reason, you need a side hustle—you…