Beth Pembrook

Bethany Pembrook is a freelance researcher and writer for a number of online publications. She covers a wide range of topics but works chiefly within the lifestyle, health and beauty sectors as both a researcher and content producer. In her free time, she is an avid runner and cyclist, but she also loves settling down with a good book and heading out with friends for a cocktail or two.

The Most Rewarding Job Of All?

Child Adoption-Chispa Magazine

Have you ever considered fostering a child? Fostering a child is something that I have actually always thought I should do, but have never had the courage to go ahead with. I’m a writer and a freelancer, so I am lucky enough to work from home, but I’m also all too familiar with late bills…

How Do I Do “That” When I’m Pregnant?

Pregnancy Myths-Chispa Magazine

It goes without saying that when us ladies get pregnant, our lives change pretty drastically. Your focus shifts, your hormones shift, and your priorities shift. While the big life changes are often covered by your doctor, magazines, and your friends and family—there are a number of everyday things that change that often isn’t spoken about.…