Avery Phillips

Avery Phillips is a freelance human based out of the beautiful Treasure Valley. She loves all things in nature, especially humans.

Creating a Fitness Plan for Your Company’s Culture

Fitness-Chispa Magazine

Entrepreneurs invest a lot in the health and well-being of their companies. From employee benefits and healthcare options to countless hours spent attending to the wellness of the bottom line, a thousand different things clamor for the attention of savvy owners and managers. Top leaders at companies including Adobe, REI, and Twitter understand the benefits…

Untethering From Your Mobile: Escaping Work to Live Life

Untethering From Your Mobile-Chispa Magazine

Whether you’re an entry-level employee trying to climb the ladder as fast as possible or a manager catering to a slew of employees, the workforce is under increasing pressure to be continually available. The office may not collapse without you, there are other ramifications of taking time for yourself to consider. If you don’t answer…

How to Have Some Chill

Chill Time-Chispa Magazine

Some people just can’t help overthinking, wasting nervous energy, or habitually zoning out on life—they have no chill. What if you could just enjoy your life and not freak over every little good or bad thing that unfolds in front of you? What if you were the person everyone looked to as a shining example…

Summer Vacation: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Eight Travel Destinations Perfect for Rest and Relaxation_Chispa Magazine

Summertime is often recognized as the unofficial season for vacations. We make use of the longer, warmer days to enjoy doing things we aren’t able to do the rest of the year. But sometimes, it’s not a simple choice, because the reality that what a healthy work/life balance means for us as individuals is not…