Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark is a writer, artist, and musician. He is also an avid reader and video-gamer. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Amber, and their cat, Caprica.

The Dark Campaign Against Absolute Truth

The Dark Campaign Against Absolute Truth-Chispa Magazine - Home Page

“Nothing’s wrong if nothing’s true.” –Lorde We live in an age that has redefined almost everything. We’ve redefined love. We’ve redefined life. We’ve redefined right and wrong, male and female, gender and sex. We have torn down the definitions and erected new ones in their places. When a culture can redefine anything, then nothing means anything. This…

Not Conformed, But Transformed

Not Conformed, But Transformed-Andrew Clark-Chispa Magazine

For the past ten years or more, I’ve often referred to myself as a Recovering Fundamentalist. I’ve gone through a process of unlearning many things that I was taught growing up in a completely fundamentalist environment: Christian school, Christian church, Christian college. I don’t necessarily regret this upbringing, but it does come with some unfortunate…