Women Helping Women Movement: Gemma Toner

Gemma Toner-Chispa MagazineLast year was the year of females, but it seems this year may be one for females, too. Women are working long and hard to claim their rightful seat “at the table”. Though us women may seem like we can do it all, like demand abusers be held accountable, let’s face it: we can’t. There’s just not enough time in the day for the hundreds of things racing through our mind and often we put ourselves last on our list. Self-care is so important to a healthy lifestyle but many believe when they only have a few minutes a day that there isn’t anything they can do. Well, let me introduce you to TONE Networks.

There have been so many companies started by women for women. TONE is a paid subscription of $3.99/month online community that allows women to share advice on all aspects of life including Work, Mind, Body, Money, etc. This gives women a space for us to not only learn but also teach other women how to become successful and their best selves. The community includes access to videos from experts, twice weekly personal emails filled with videos directed towards the member, and one of the most useful aspects Tone Talk, which is a learning session with other members of the community. The best part about this network is that it is made up of short videos on topics many videos look for advice on like how to ask for the promotion.

Gemma Toner, founder and CEO of Tone Network, describes the network as “women helping women.” As many women know, we are crunched on time. Instead of spending 20 minutes on something and only receiving a bits of information, Gemma created a space of two minute videos so that busy women, like herself, can receive support and information without wasting time.

Q: What was your inspiration for the company?

“I was speaking at a women’s conference and had the aha moment that so many women don’t have the time or access to high-quality resources that can help them grow both professionally and personally.”

Q: How did you start TONE? Did anyone inspire you or help you along the way?

“Many colleagues, mentors and friends have inspired and helped me along the way.  I have experienced extraordinary generosity along my personal and professional journey. This is my opportunity to pay it forward.”

Q: Can you relate to the women you’ve created TONE for?

“Not only can I relate—I am exactly the type of woman I created TONE for—those who are extraordinarily capable, highly engaged in life and just need to find time for themselves so they can learn and grow.”

Q: What was your life like before TONE?

“Right before I had the idea to create TONE, I had just retired from the corporate world and was figuring out what my second act would be. It was this down time that made me realize busy women don’t ever have or make time for themselves.”

Q: What are some female-owned companies that inspire you?

“I have always been fascinated by Sara Blakely’s SPANX success story – from fax machine sales to undergarments that met an unmet need for women, changed the category and became a billion dollar company.  That’s what we hope to do with TONE.”

Q: From your perspective, how has TONE changed women’s’ lives?

“We just launched in October and already we are receiving feedback from members about the value we are adding to their lives. The TONE Talks, TONE Lives and customized emails have been very well received.”

Q: What are some of your favorite TONE Talks topics?

“Tone Talks, twice-weekly moderated discussions with community members, have all been great but ones that stand out include power of positive thinking, getting a good night’s sleep and how to deal with workplace bullies. TONE Live events, monthly live discussions with one of our TONE experts are really popular.”

Q: What are your plans for TONE’s future?

“Right now, we’re still in start-up mode so our focus is to deliver on our mission of women helping women and core offerings. In the new year, we plan to focus on TONE as a gift for the time starved woman in your life for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.”

Layla Ashi

Layla Ashi

A student of journalism but mostly life, Layla Ashi never says no to an assignment and is eager to make a difference with her writing.
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Layla Ashi

A student of journalism but mostly life, Layla Ashi never says no to an assignment and is eager to make a difference with her writing.