Keeping track of business trends, knowing who to hire or learning how to become an entrepreneur can be stressful to research; here we have you covered under one category.

Tips on Job Hunting While Pregnant

Tips on Job Hunting While Pregnant-Chispa Magazine

Looking for a job can be a stressful process. When you’re pregnant and job searching, that stress can be even greater. The last thing you may want to think about when growing a human is finding new employment, but that’s sometimes how life goes. To make the process easier, it’s important to go into your…

The Need For More Women Involved in Environmental Protection

Women-Biologist-Scientist-Chispa Magazine

The offerings of both men and women are valuable to creating diverse and cohesive teams. The unfortunate truth, however, is the female gender is still wildly underrepresented in scientific fields, including those that contribute to environmental protection. According to Forbes, only 12 percent of available jobs in the green energy field are held by women.…

Office Rituals from Around the World

Working Around the World-Chispa Magazine

There is nothing surprising when we say that cultures differ depending on a particular region of the world. This is perfectly normal, as different people do things differently on a daily basis but they can still come to an understanding and do business together. You would expect the office rituals to be more or less…

Five Ways To Avoid An Accident At Work

Avoid Accidents at Work-Chispa Magazine

Unfortunately, accidents in the workplace do happen but the good news is that they can often also be avoided. It’s important to put your safety in your own hands and take precautions that are going to help you dodge any unwanted situations. It’s in your best interest as an employee to learn ways for how…

Stuck On Stupid

Don't be Stuck on Stupid-Choose Joy-Chispa Magazine-Kuan-Yin Timothee

‘Stuck on stupid’ is a phrase I’ve heard and used. So many times we get “used to” a set of circumstances and behaviors without wise input, and the end result ends up being… stupid. According to Merrimack-Webster, stupid is slow of mind: obtuse; given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner,…

Home Cooking: Five Essential Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

Tips for Starting a Home Food Business

In today’s ‘gig economy,’ starting a home business is becoming increasingly common. Thanks to the explosive popularity of reality cooking shows, more people are experimenting with their cooking and exploring the possibilities of food-based careers. Consequently, home-based food businesses are flourishing. Starting a home food business is not, however, as simple as turning on the…