Spiritual Growth

Mood booster or just a little encouraging nudge from art in words will give hope for any occasion.

Acceptable in Thine Sight

Chispa Magazine

Don’t we all love a good fashion blog? A uniquely designed fashion Instagram page? So many trends to follow, so many new ideas on how to switch up our ever-changing styles.   Keeping up with the latest trends can be pretty overwhelming. When reaching into our wallets, sometimes oblivious to whether we’re following the right…

The Reality of Beauty

Beauty \ˈbyü-tē\ “Someone who is naturally good looking.”–Kiara B. “A positive, humble person.”–Raven J. “You just know when it’s beautiful.”–Jose S. What is the true definition of beauty? There are many diverse opinions on this controversial word. Is it the texture of your hair? The complexion of your skin? The shape of your eyes? The kindness…

Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger.

Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger | Chispa Magazine

“You’re a girl. I wouldn’t expect you to do that…” “Most likely he’ll win.” “A woman’s work place is the kitchen.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. What is this, the 50’s? We’ve heard it all before. The degrading remarks about whether or not “we’re good enough” for the task. The “put downs” simply because we are [women].…

Daydreamin’ Blues

Chispa Magazine

Big house. Flashy cars. Fancy clothes. The ideal husband. It’s the true American Dream we all wish for. I often sit back and daydream of what God has in store for me. The possibilities are endless. I dream of whether I’ll become a fashion designer or an athlete or a teacher or a doctor. Even…

Subliminal Generation

We, as a generation, are subconsciously subjected to a world of recklessness. We engage in thoughtless posting, cyber bullying, and the desire to self-validate through others. This is also known as social networking. Through media and music we are demoralizing and shifting our perception of what is right and wrong.