Wonder Woman’s Real Name is Thalía

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  Singer, songwriter, published author, actress and entrepreneur, who has sung in various languages including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and Filipino, Thalía has done so much. However, her most important roles are married to music executive Tommy Mottola, and being the mother of their two children, daughter Sabrina Sakae and son Matthew Alejandro. Thalía is recognized…


Living in Miami as the mother of three children, Giselle Blondet is your typical mom who cares, loves unconditionally, and provides laughing therapy. As her profession, she is an on-air personality, host, actress, model, designer, author, and yes soon-to-be producer. Born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, Giselle Blondet reached worldwide fame as one…

In the Business of Helping Others

Elizabeth Hurley, Chispa Magazine

The legacy of astute businesswoman, Evelyn H. Lauder, lives in the hearts of many. As the founder of The Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Lauder literally placed breast cancer awareness and early detection on the map. Not only a philanthropist, but most of all, a guiding spirit—as many named celebrities…

Debra Black Uncovered

Chispa Magazine

Who’s this girl who graces the cover of Chispa Magazine’s inaugural issue? Is she famous? Is she the next reality television icon? Does she have a filthy-rich tycoon Daddy? Intriguing with suspense, we inquire on the who and what’s on the agenda. But what happens when we get an invitation to go behind the scenes…

Call It Cultural Anthropology

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Prada, Coach, and Louis Vuitton are beckoning. Signature features and prominent logos are on her mind as she heads for the latest from her favorite designers. Sometimes that special woman can go shopping alone. But it serves a two-fold mission in a woman’s world to bring along a friend: she can share the joy of discovering the latest fashions, and she can spy on (perhaps even sabotage) her competition in the race to be chic. She hasn’t been studying Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, but the tactic of bringing in your enemy close enough to destroy…comes natural to the fashion maven.

Live Life

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Today, with longer work hours, larger workloads, financial worries, and overextended calendars, Americans are facing stress on a daily basis. In fact, stress response is putting lives in danger. According to Simon Astor, D.O.M., the average life expectancy in the United States has consistently increased, and unfortunately so has the rate of chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

WE The People

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An attitude of cynicism toward elected officials pervades our nation. Politicians often promise a better future: a new program, a revamped program, lower taxes, better healthcare, better schools, new roads, and something for everyone. But when our politicians get caught doing something unethical, they consult their publicists, attorneys, party leaders—and at some point before the dam of public opinion spills onto their chances of not getting re-elected—the guilty official denies any wrongdoing or makes a weak excuse or perhaps a tearful apology. And then the murmurs begin. Together we decide we voted for the candidate who lied the best, which in turn ignites the attitude of pessimism not only toward the officials, but toward our country and its future.