Milo Senalle

As one of the managing editors of Chispa Magazine, Milo Senalle is the go-to man for all things technology, ethical, and financial concerns. Providing laughs with his style of writing and problem-solving techniques, Milo is a voice of reason among the girly staff at Chispa. Married with children, living in Atlanta, he works 24/7 on becoming a man of courage and believes honor begins at home.

All Change: Is It the Right Time for a New Career?

When you finish high school or college, it feels like there’s a lot of pressure to pick a career for the rest of your life. And while some people might stay on the same path until they retire, many others don’t. You didn’t have to pick a lifelong career then, and you don’t have to…

Which iPhone Apps Should You Download To Manage Your Business?

Apps for Business Use_Chispa Magazine

The Apple iPhone is, without a doubt, a widely used smartphone. It first entered production back in 2007, and it’s had a massive following since. Like most smartphones, the iPhone lets you run all kinds of software programs called “apps.” As their ads always say, there’s an app for just about everything. It’s because of…

The Complete Guide To Buying A Second Home For Your Family

Buying Second Home_Chispa Magazine

If you have any excess income, you need to think about how to best invest it in your family’s future. If you want to play the property market, you could consider getting another house. Let’s assume that you already own a home or have a standing mortgage agreement. There are many things you need to consider…

How To Create An Ultra-Modern Bathroom

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Your bathroom is a place in which you should be able to relax and escape from the rest of the world. Most people pay little attention to this room—they think that there is no point decorating it. In fact, once you create a room that you love, you will never look back. In recent years,…

Jullianna Smith Gives Light to NOMI

NOMI_Chispa Magazine

NOMI, fresh and innovative, was created through Jullianna Smith’s personal journey of individuality and acceptance of her mother, as she came to know her real mother through her passing. When Smith’s mother passed away a few years ago, she discovered that her mother had been an amazing artist, amassing a collection of beautifully drawn inspirational women and…

Girly Spaces, Pretty Places

Girly Spaces_Chispa Magazine

With more than three decades as space planner experts, Auster & Stern Interiors have completed dozens of successful projects, including hotels and apart-hotels abroad among residencies and office spaces. Their strong sense of scale, balance, and color, along with an appreciation for clean lines and natural materials is their style. Providing art to functional spaces,…

Bringing Women into the Man’s World

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Stimulated by elaborate home interiors, a spectrum of textile prints is illustrated throughout the Elie Tahari Fall 2014 collection. “My collection is by inspired by the grace and fluidity of the 1930s and a feminine interpretation of 1940s menswear,” says Tahari.