Milo Senalle

As one of the managing editors of Chispa Magazine, Milo Senalle is the go-to man for all things technology, ethical, and financial concerns. Providing laughs with his style of writing and problem-solving techniques, Milo is a voice of reason among the girly staff at Chispa. Married with children, living in Atlanta, he works 24/7 on becoming a man of courage and believes honor begins at home.

The Blue Line: Respect Goes Both Ways

The Blue Line Respect Goes Both Ways-Chispa Magazine

Right now in modern culture, there is a serious issue going on with police and public relations. All too often we are quick to judge and doubt the men and women who wear the badge. Granted, there are some incredibly serious challenges that the police face but they do make big mistakes sometimes. Their training…

Winterproof Your Home

Winterproof Your Home-Chispa Magazine

Getting your home ready for winter can help you feel more comfortable and save you money in the long run. Don’t suffer miserably through the winter season; winterproof your home and stay warm and toasty even when it’s cold outside. Here are a few things you can do: Install a Bathtub that Retains Heat Well…

Five Things to Do for Optimal Health + Wellness

Five Things to Do for Optimal Health + Wellness-Chispa Magazine

Taking better care of yourself to achieve optimal health and wellness should be a goal for everyone. We live busy lives where sometimes we let things slip by. It’s a tough habit to break, but an important one to do because health really matters. Lifestyle changes are often what’s required to turn the sailboat around…