Mavian Arocha-Rowe

Mavian Arocha-Rowe is known as an asset to the business and communications industry and is motivating and advocating “your authenticity should be your strategy,” for all women, regardless of their season and roles. For the past 20 years she has directed magazines, plus multiple art and marketing departments as creative director and brand manager. What supersedes all of her great career moves is her role as wife and mother living in Atlanta. Challenging herself to discover and bravely pursue the calling for her life, Arocha-Rowe helps other women discover and pursue their life’s assignment. She is a passionate, and loud-laughing speaker on the topic of purposefully redeemed, and mentors young women so they can exercise a mind that is doctrinally pure, along with a heart that beats toward sanctification. She will almost never turn down Marlow’s Tavern double-tavern cheeseburger, a cooking-demonstration from Leaning Ladder, or any opportunity to head to Miami to spend time with family.

How to Prepare Yourself for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship-Chispa Magazine

With more and more people choosing entrepreneurship as their career path, being prepared for what lies ahead has never been more important. Today, although there are a record number of new businesses being set up, around nine out of every ten start-ups fail within the first year, showing that there are many improvements to be…

Doubting Yourself And Your Business Acumen?

Doubting Yourself And Your Business Acumen_Chispa Magazine

Being an entrepreneur has many benefits. You have ambition and passion for whatever you have set your mind to. But sometimes, with that passion and ambition you can be blindsided with a little self-doubt and negativity. No one can remain a glass half full kind of person all the time, can they? In theory, you…

How Technology Is Changing The Way We Treat HR

How To Convey Professionalism In Your Business-Chispa Magazine

If there’s one department in your company that always seems to be in chaos, it’s probably HR. HR departments are famously busy, thanks to a plethora of admin tasks. But now that technology has gone into high gear is this perception still true? Here are some of the ways technology is transforming HR. Recruitment Is…

The Five Most Common Dental Emergencies

Making Your New Dental Pracitice A Success-Chispa Magazine

Dental problems can go from minor to major very quickly, leading to emergencies that need to be treated right away in order to prevent complications. Being aware of what some of the most common dental emergencies are will help you recognize them as soon as they happen to you or a loved one, and you…

Traveling With Tandy

Tandy Grandstaff-Chispa Magazine

“My wife has a gift! She picked up a camera over 10 years ago and WOW! She has always been creative, seen something most never see, and finds that special extra something that makes pictures tell a thousand stories. She has never been taught or taken lessons and has blessed many people with memories to…