Layla Ashi

A student of journalism but mostly life, Layla Ashi never says no to an assignment and is eager to make a difference with her writing.

Women Helping Women Movement: Gemma Toner

Gemma Toner-Chispa Magazine

Last year was the year of females, but it seems this year may be one for females, too. Women are working long and hard to claim their rightful seat “at the table”. Though us women may seem like we can do it all, like demand abusers be held accountable, let’s face it: we can’t. There’s…

How to Indulge While Still Being Healthy

Healthy, Indulge Holiday Food-Chispa Magazine

The holiday season is a time of happiness, warmth, and family. It’s also filled with pies, cookies, mashed potatoes, pasta, and anything carb. This is the best time of year for many and the worst time for healthy eating. But fear not, you can indulge in holiday treats while still eating healthy and loving your…

Jeannie Mai Smiles With Impact

Jeannie Mai-Chispa Magazine

As we head into winter, many women find themselves in front of their mirrors struggling to find the right outfit or makeup to fit the new season. But for those with a chronic disease, like relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS), these common style frustrations may pose even greater challenges. Jeannie Mai, style expert and co-host of…