Kuan-Yin T Timothee, MBA, JD

Chispa Magazine writer, Kuan-Yin T Timothee, MBA, JD is a descendant of Asian and Latin roots, an Army Vet, who decided her life was not over while married and raising four children pursued and obtained her bachelors, masters, and law degrees. While she always was a woman’s champion and loved the Lord since 18, her experiences with the Lord strengthened her resolve to help women live on, and in their purpose. Divorced and now happily married to her grade-school sweetheart, she is more certain than ever that the journey with Christ was never meant to be a “perfect life” but always an intentional one. She loves the study of The Word and desires to seek the Lord and fulfill her purpose with passion and power. As a friend, wife, mother and grandmother, she thrives to help women, the world sees as "victims" or "battered" as women that can survive. Having led young ladies’ ministries, Kuan-Yin looks to effectuate the change that many are afraid to take, yet necessary in order to reach the next level. She is firm believer in pushing women to be their all, know who God is, and what He wants to do in their lives.

Is It Possible?

Kuan-Yin-Chispa Magazine-Friday

I saw this quote “I pray that I always err on the side of impossible” and got excited. I was excited because it meant that it really isn’t about me, alone. I can do all things when I trust and rely on God as my strength. Seeing this quote humbled and strengthened me simultaneously because…

What Do You See?

See-Chispa Magazine-Kuan-Yin Timothee

It is amazing to look at people each day. Depending on your mood, you notice the beauty in someone’s face, you detect their style. Your mood, your attitude about the person, and your disposition will determine the perception of the person formed in your mind.  Think about the person in Dunkin’ Donuts who ordered a…

Stuck On Stupid

Don't be Stuck on Stupid-Choose Joy-Chispa Magazine-Kuan-Yin Timothee

‘Stuck on stupid’ is a phrase I’ve heard and used. So many times we get “used to” a set of circumstances and behaviors without wise input, and the end result ends up being… stupid. According to Merrimack-Webster, stupid is slow of mind: obtuse; given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner,…

Which Goes First? Push or Pull?

Push or Pull-Kuan-Yin Timothee-Chispa Magazine-KuanYin Friday

Push and pull are opposite actions. However, in order to move forward some times we have to do both. There is no one way to accomplish a task: Losing weight, it involves exercise, dieting or intermittent fasting at times; having a baby is possible through natural birth, adoption or in vitro; building a house requires…

Whose Time Are You On?

Time-Kuan-Yin T Timothee-Chispa Magazine

Often we measure what needs to be done by what we have left. “How old are we” or “what have we done” are often the qualifiers and quantifiers of our life accomplishments. By this age—X should happen, when you have this (physical object)—-Y is the status obtained. But God measures things differently. He made a…