Cena Block

Cena Block is the founder of SaneSpaces.com and creator of the Time & Space Style Inventory (TSSI™). She (sanespaces.com) specializes in helping moms design work on their own terms and build smart supportive systems that create time for living. A business coach and author, Cena has collaborated with professional organizer and author Sunny Schlenger (suncoach.com) to create the Time & Space Style Inventory™ – a tool that not only identifies natural behavioral styles but also enables you to use that information to create a personalized roadmap to manage your time and space.

How To Charge What You’re Worth

How To Charge What You’re Worth-Chispa Magazine-Cena Block

Many of my best life’s lessons I learned from my parents: Do unto others as you would have done to you. The customer is always right. With all things: Integrity first! No matter how costly it is to fix a mistake, doing the right thing will always pay off in the long run. My mom…

Your Brand Vision + Mission

Spring Mompreneur-Naphtali Marshall-Chispa Magazine

Your company vision and mission put your Big Business Dream into words. A company vision is typically a succinct written statement that declares the central focus, beliefs, and underpinnings of an organization. It takes some time to get there for many small businesses, but the bottom line is, your business vision should implicitly state what…

10 Strategies To Stop Procrastinating

It all begins with action Resolve to get started or just take a step. Motivation gets you started but habits keep you going Identify the one or two habits that are in your way and try to replace them with something more productive. If your habit is to check your email when you come home…