Strategies That Shape Substance

Showing Your Employees That You Care

Care for Employees-Chispa Magazine

The working world has developed in the past couple of decades. The rise of technology is often credited as being the main driving force behind the shift, but there is another factor at play, too. More and more, companies understand that employees do not want to be treated as robots; they want to be treated…

Why is a Clean & Tidy Office Cruical to Productivity?

Clean Office-Chispa Magazine

Most employers would agree that they are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, ideally for a minimum cost. People try all sorts of techniques to encourage efficiency in their workers, including providing comfortable chairs, running team-building exercises and away days, and offering employee perks such as discounts and exercise classes. If you’re looking to…

How to Freelance While Traveling

Work and Travel_Chispa Magazine

Earning while on the go can be one of the most rewarding ways to work, allowing for a creative and free lifestyle that can perfectly suit your needs. It’s becoming more popular, with over 7.3 million Americans describing themselves as digital nomads. Nonetheless, it is not simply a question of going on holiday and taking…

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Football: Three Alternative Ways to Enjoy the Game

Football_Soccer_Chispa Magazine

While football, also known as soccer, is one of the biggest sports in the world, there are a lot of days, weeks, and months that can go by when the season is over where your team doesn’t play a single game. Here are three alternative ways to enjoy the beautiful game even if a game…